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444 W 800 N, Orem

Pre-requisite: 3rd Year Let's Play Music Curriculum (or Presto II) must be completed in spring 2020 to enroll in Bridge class

Registration for LPM Bridge Piano Lessons is NOW OPEN! Submitting this registration form sends your fall class time preferences for the 2020-21 session to Ms. Lily. You will also need to submit your $35 registration fee to secure your child's spot in class. You will be contacted if your 1st or 2nd choice times are not available. Thank you!

This 2-semester long course (plus 2 summer camps) will strengthen the students' piano foundation and their understanding of music theory and prepare them for success in private piano or any other private music instruction setting.
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This class will open when the other three Bridge 1 classes are full!
This class is designed to meet the needs of PRESTO grads as well!
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