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Hello You told us that you want access to The Spes Network (formerly The Loki Post), which also means, by the way, you are also invited to share your ideas, project, recipes, observations, experiments, stories in this newsletter! 

The purpose of the newsletter is to better connect creative, conscious, and sustainably-minded people to each other (we are meeting so many of you as we explore this country on the bus!)...and to begin a dialogue between all of you who are putting great ideas into action and to learn from each other that way.  We are always telling you in our blog and on facebook what WE are up to, but we really want the focus of this project to be on the people (you) who have been inspiration and teachers to us throughout our trip.  We really believe everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student, and we want to honor this truth more actively.

This form is how you get yourself into the newsletter loop, so that we do not turn into a source of unwanted spam for anyone (and takes care of spam-related legal issues so we can sustain the newsletter).  It only takes a little time to fill out, and then you'll have access to lots of good stuff as The Spes Network starts circulating and growing.  Thanks for being a part of it!

If you have ideas to contribute to make this newsletter as rich and diverse an information source as we can, please let us know!

Much love from all of us on the bus, and current website organizers Jackie Maloney and Matthew Didisheim.

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